About Rebekah

About Rebekah Chol
About Rebekah Chol

Becoming a gifting expert was not in my career plans.  After completing an Engineering degree, I started my career delivering security projects and programmes in the financial services sector.

However, being a creative person, I was not satisfied and went on a journey to find the right career for me. It had to be something that I loved and was passionate about.

I eventually left my past life and founded my gift wrapping business in December 2016. Since extablishing my business, I have worked with high net-worth and ultra high-net-worth clients from all over the world as well as top tier global brands.

Company Values

Gift-giving is more than the act of exchanging gifts. I am taking your feelings for the recipient and translating it into a gift and gift wrap.

Luxury Gift Wrapping Service
Luxury Gift Wrapping Service

My company is founded on the principles of customer first and service excellence. As a result, this drives all my decisions include how I operate on a daily basis and how I interact with and treat my clients. The service add ons I provide help me deliver a seamless high quality service to my clients.

I take great care in understanding you, the recipient and your relationship with the recipient. This allows me to creativity translate your feelings and thoughts into the perfect gift and gift wrapping.

I carefully choose materials that fit the message you wish to convey to the recipient. There is no limit to the creative possibilities of what can be achieved. This is evident in work I have previously undertaken for some of my clients.

It is my job to ensure that this process is seamless to you and invisible to the recipient.


Rebekah Chol - Luxury Gifting Expert
Rebekah Chol – Luxury Gifting Expert

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the worlds most recognised brands such as Facebook, Unilever, American Express Lifestyle, Hackett, Lulu Lemon, Boots, Belmond and many more. Each client came with their unique requirements which I was able to meet with my highly bespoke service.

My private clients have come from all backgrounds and from around the world. I have undertaken work for founders of international companies, investors, CEO’s, celebrities, hedge fund managers, and many more.

I have delivered gifts to recipients and clients Singapore, Australia, Tanzania, New Zealand, India, Switzerland and more.

Whatever your gifting needs are, I will work with you to ensure you receive the best possible service.