Beautifully Wrapped Gifts

Beautifully Wrapped Gifts

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Beautifully Wrapped Gifts

There are some people who view gift wrapping as a waste that there is no point to it. However is this true? Do beautifully wrapped gifts make a difference to the recipient?

According to science, yes. A gift that is well wrapped does have a positive impact on the recipient’s positive mood and the recipient’s perception of the gift itself.

In 1992, Doctor Daniel Howard conducted a study to test the hypothesis, that a gift-wrapped item influences the recipient to have a more favourable attitude towards owning the gift item.

The Experiment

45 students were given a gift for taking part in evaluating four products. They were all given a sheepskin bicycle seat cover. Half of the subjects were given their gift in the manufacturer’s plastic bag and the other half received their gifts wrapped in blue-and-white paper with a matching ribbon and bow.

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Luxury Gift Wrapping Service

The subjects went on to rate their gift on a three nine-point scale

  1. Desirable to undesirable
  2. Good to bad
  3. Foolish to wise

The approval score for the subjects who received their gifts wrapped was 7.14. The approval score for the subjects who received their gift in the manufacturer’s plastic bag was lower at 6.06.

The Quality Experiment

The quality experiment was to test whether the quality of gift wrapping paper has any effect on the perception towards the gift. 60 students were given either an unwrapped gift, a gift wrapped in a brown paper bag with no ribbon or bow or a gift wrapped nicely with a ribbon and bow. The students had a preference for the gift wrapped in nice wrapping paper with a ribbon and bow. The students also had a better perception of the gift in the brown bag than the unwrapped gift.

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The study also identifies a link between gift wrapping and joyous occasions in the recipient’s life which create a positive bias attitude towards the gift itself.

To create the best impact on your recipient, giving them beautifully wrapped gifts is the way to go.

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