Corporate Gift Wrapping Service

Corporate gift wrapping service London
Corporate Gift Wrapping Service

My Corporate Gift Wrapping Service caters to businesses of all sizes and budgets.

The gift wrap is as important as the gift because it’s the first thing the recipient sees. It is what creates the first impression of your business on your clients and business associates.

The way a gift is wrapped also influences the recipients impression of the gift before they see it. A well wrapped gift creates a positive mood in the recipient. This then creates a positive perception of the gift. So getting it right the first time is very important.

Corporate Experience

corporate gift wrapping service London
Corporate Gift Wrapping Service

12 years of corporate experience has given me a unique insight to carefully craft a corporate gift wrapping service to help businesses at an individual level. For example, I offer a convenient call out service where you can have your gifts wrapped at your office.

My corporate gift wrapping service includes service wrappers such as international delivery to over 50 countries around the world. So if you are a global corporation that “follow-the-sun” I can wrap and deliver gifts to wherever you need them to be sent in the world.

I also accept commissions from companies based outside of the UK. Call me or send me a message on my mobile, 07516 931 186, to find out more.

Additional Services

Design Consultation

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Making sure that your gift wrap sends the right message to your clients and other business associates is critical. Through a short design consultation session, I will help you choose the right colours and designs.

Together we look at every detail including ensuring that the gift wrap is accurately reflecting your brand and conveying the feelings you wish to convey to your clients and business associates.

Material Selection


I will also sit down with you to select the right materials for your business. Do you want to use recycled materials only? Is there a particular finish you want for the gift wraps?

Together we will discuss what is important to your business and chose the right materials that conveys the right image.

Corporate Events

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During specific times of the year, some of our corporate clients ask me to hold gift wrapping parties for small groups of their core teams or clients as a thank you or a team building exercise.

These events are particularly fun at Christmas. I will teach your staff at least two styles of gift wraps that they can easily recreate at home.

Some Corporate Clients I Have Worked With