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My events and workshops service is available for private events to large corporate influencer events and everything in between. Read case studies below of events & workshops I put together for clients:

Unilever Lux at Facebook London

Events and Workshops - Unilever Lux
Events and Workshops – Unilever Lux

Lux is a core personal care brand under the Unilever umbrella and is one of Unilever’s five €1 billion brands.

As part of the new botanicals range launch,  Lux brand Ambassadors came to London for a 3-day trip. The Ambassadors travelled from 14 countries across Africa, APAC (Asia Pacific), Gulf and the Americas.

The 3-day event concluded with the gift wrapping workshop at Facebook London.

Brief: Deliver a gift wrapping workshop to 33 Influencers at Facebook London. The embellishments for the workshop must adhere to a colour scheme.

Execution: The clients are based in Singapore and wanted to be very involved in the decision-making process.

It was important for me to effectively communicate my vision to the client. In order to do that, I created a proposal document to layout how all aspects of the workshop would flow, the look and feel and presentation.  In addition, the client was able to visualise how the workshop would look in advance.

Workshop Embellishments

I created a catalogue of all the embellishments available to the client. The client was able to review the options,  make a decision and advise back in a timely manner.

The embellishment options are natural and included lots of flowers and greenery which is very much in line with the Lux brand.

All of the embellishments have a tropical and exotic element to them which was one of the clients key requirements.

The Results

Luxury Gift Wrapping Service
Events and Workshops – Rebekah’s Gift Wrapping Atelier

To add a fun twist to the workshop, I proposed the use of a cart and victorian candy jars to hold the embellishments.

The workshop was a huge success. The client was happy and the attendee’s feedback was very positive. They had lots of fun creating.

My events and workshops service are very flexible. Working with you, we will start with a blank slate and create a bespoke event or workshop based on your unique requirements.

If you have an event and want to discuss your requirements with me, please get in touch using the contact form.