Luxury Gift Wrapping Service: Hamper

Luxury Gift Wrapping Service: Hamper

Luxury gift wrapping service: hamper is a real case study about a super luxurious hamper I recently created for a client.

Read about the process I took to create the hamper and the end results.

Client Brief

To create a gift hamper that include a specific number of gifts to be delivered on a specific date. The colour scheme for the hamper is Red/Berry/Nudes.

The client was very clear and specific in what he wanted even down to the colour scheme. All the gifts were purchased and sent directly to my workshop ready for wrapping.

The request was last minute and the delivery date was non negotiable.

Colour & Theme Board

Luxury gift wrapping service
Colour & Theme Board – Luxury Gift Wrapping Service In London

Prior to commencing any gift wrapping, I create mini colour and theme boards which my clients must sign off on. For this particular project the colour scheme was in line with the clients requirements (Red,Berry, Nude). I also added gold as an accent colour. The theme was love and romance and I was going for a very sophisticated look and feel.

We also agreed to including Swarovski crystal embellishments and fresh flowers.

The client agreed to this theme and we moved forward to the next phase.


Gift Wrapping

Luxury gift wrapping service london
Luxury Hamper

Each gift was to be individually wrapped before being placed into the hamper. The recipient loved flowers so I incorporated as much floral print wrapping paper as possible.

The gifts were different shapes (round, oval, square, awkward shapes) which added an interesting dimension and resulted in the gifts looked very nice when wrapped and placed in the hamper.

Red Rose Swarovski Crystal Design

Luxury gift wrapping service london
Red Crystal Rose

To keep in line with the theme of love and romance, what better symbol is there than the red rose?  I decided to create a design of just the head of the rose and to create the design in a very abstract way. This design was used to embellish the cellophane that went around the hamper.

Each crystal was hand placed and it took about 4 hours to complete.

The Result

To finish the hamper, I wrapped it with clear cellophane and embellished the cellophane with Swarovski crystals. I also added a wide red ribbon and tied a large bow at the back of the hamper.

Luxury gift wrapping service: hamper - Back
Luxury gift wrapping service: hamper – Back

On the front of the hamper I added a single fresh red rose. The centre piece of the hamper was on top where I added five small bouquets of fresh flowers working with the agreed colour scheme. I added David Austin Patience roses to the bouquet as these roses have a beautiful and gentle scent. I added these roses on purpose as not only did I want to create a hamper that looked beautiful, I also wanted the recipient to be surrounded by a beautiful scent as she received and opened the hamper.

Luxury gift wrapping service london
Luxury gift wrapping service: hamper – Front

Bespoke Luxury Gift Wrapping Service

As well as gift wrapping, I offer additional services including personal shopping and gift pick up to provide my clients with end to end gift services. Once you tell me what you need, you can sit back, relax while I do all the hard work.

If you have any gifting requirements, please contact me to discuss them further. I offer a very responsive and flexible service.