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Luxury Gift Wrapping Service London

My luxury gift wrapping service is bespoke and unique to every clients individual needs. Service wrappers (e.g. call out service) have been added to make the whole process seamless and effortless for you. Below are case studies of work I have undertaken for private clients:

Luxury Gift Hamper

Brief: Create a luxury gift hamper for a clients partner. Individually wrap the gifts and embellish the hamper with fresh flowers and Swarovski crystals.

luxury gift wrapping service
Luxury gift wrapping service – Mood board

Colour Scheme: Nude/Berry/Red

Execution: I agreed with the client the wrapping paper styles, ribbons and embellishments to be used to wrap the individual gifts. In addition, we agreed on the crystal design which will decorate the hamper. The client left the choice of flowers to my discretion.

Luxury gift wrapping service London
Luxury gift wrapping service – Luxury gift hamper

I kept the Swarovski crystal design very simple, a single red rose head to keep in line with the theme of flowers and romance. Each crystal was hand placed on the hamper.

I created several mini bouquets which were placed on the closed hamper. I finished the hamper with a wide satin ribbon and a single red rose.

Luxury Pre Christmas Hamper

Luxury gift wrapping service London
Luxury gift wrapping service – Gift wrapping

Brief: Create a Winter Wonderland Pre Christmas Hamper. Individually wrap each gift. Client left the decision on the colours, style and finishing touches to my discretion.

Execution: For this hamper, it seemed appropriate to choose a Winter Wonderland theme given the time of year the hamper was to be delivered. I chose a blend of ice blue, white and silver. I mixed textured gift wrapping paper with premium patterned wrapping paper to create the feeling of a Winter Wonderland.

Luxury gift wrapping service London
Luxury gift wrapping service – Winter Wonderland Hamper

LED lights were placed all around the hamper and the hamper was scheduled to be delivered at night to add another dimension to the look and feel.

Luxury gift wrapping service London
Luxury gift wrapping service – Gift tray

There were very delicate gifts that would have been broken if they were placed in the hamper. For these, I created a little gift tray with a mini Winter Wonderland scene. The gift tray was wrapped in cellophane and finished off with LED lights.

Christmas Vintage/Shabby Chic Gift Wrapping

Luxury gift wrapping service
Luxury gift wrapping service – Shabby Chic

Brief: Wrap Christmas gifts in vintage/shabby chic style for a lady.

Execution: For this brief, the wrapping paper drove the colour scheme. For variety, I chose 3 styles of vintage Christmas wrapping paper and 6 styles of gift tags. To add a feminine touch I used 5 styles of cream lace ribbon. The beauty of shabby chic is the non uniformity and this was incorporated in look and feel of the wrapping style (i.e. clashing tag designs with wrapping paper).

Luxury Gift Wrapping Service London - Service Offerings

Standard Luxury Gift Wrapping

Luxury gift wrapping service in London
Luxury standard gift wrapping

I use premium gift wrapping paper, ribbon as well as other embellishments to create a beautiful gift wrap. You can request specific colours for each gift wrap or provide me with a little information about the recipient and I will choose a suitable style and colours. 

Standard Luxury Gift Wrapping does not include any crystals or fresh flowers.

Fresh Flower Gift Wrapping

Luxury gift wrapping service in London
Fresh flower gift wraps

Each gift is either decorated with flowers or topped with a Fresh flower dome.

If you have a particular flower you would like me to use or a specific style, I will do my best to recreate your vision however, due to the seasonal nature of flowers, your option may not be available. In these instances I will agree an appropriate substitute with you.

I require at least 24 hours notice for floral gift wraps and service starts from £50 per gift. 

Crystal Gift Wrapping™

I created Crystal Gift Wraps™ for the ultimate luxury gift wrapping experience.

Luxury gift wrapping service London
Luxury gift wrapping – Crystal gift wraps™

I use Swarovski crystals to embellish gift wraps. You can be as creative as you want with your design request and I will always try my best to recreate your vision.

How it works

Crystal Gift Wraps™ require a minimum of two weeks notice for simple designs and up to three months for larger more complex designs. 

Each design is unique to you and will never be re-create for another client.

My Crystal gift wrapping™ service starts at £77 for one initial.

Contact me to discuss your luxury gift wrapping needs.


  • There's nothing that could have been done better. Rebekah really helped me out when I was stuck and after my first two experiences I have decided I will constantly be using her. Super organised and very kind as she gets involved and goes beyond to help you.

  • Perfect experience end-to-end. Will recommend to my friends. Rebekah's professionalism and attention to detail shine through in all she does.

Email: Giftwrapping@rebekahchol.com