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The Perfect Wedding Gift Wrap

The Perfect Wedding Gift Wrap

Weddings are one of those special occasions that as a guest you want to go “all out.” Having the perfect luxury wedding gift wrap is essential. Here’s how to create the perfect wedding gift wrap, whatever your gift or cost.

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Gift Wrap

Luxury Wedding Gift Wrapping Service in London - Luxury Gift Wrapping Service in London
The Perfect Wedding Gift Wrap – Luxury Gift Wrapping Service in London

While there are many people who keep it simple with gold or silver wrapping for a wedding, it’s worth considering the colour scheme of the wedding. Can you incorporate the wedding colour scheme into your gift wrap?

Alternatively, if the wedding is being held at a special time of year (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Halloween) you can create a gift wrap inspired by these occasions. For example, Christmas weddings will work well with greens and reds. You can use gold and browns for Autumn weddings and yellows and oranges for summer.

Another option is to work with the wedding theme. If there’s a winter theme, work with winter colours and ribbons. Use shells or coral colours for wrapping wedding gifts if there’s a beach theme. 

You can also take into consideration the personality of the bride and groom and use that as inspiration (e.g. if the bride and groom are avid travellers, you can create a lovely gift wedding wrap with travel inspired gift wrapping paper).

How to Make Your Wedding Gift Wrap Stand Out

Luxury Gift Wrapping Service in London - Luxury Wedding Gift Wrapping Service in London
Luxury Gift Wrapping Service in London

There will be a range of wedding gifts on a table. You want to make yours stand out and make an impression with your luxury wedding gift wrapping.

Start by choosing specialist wrapping paper and ribbons. Connect with the theme and the couple, making it clear that you’ve put thought and effort into it.

Gift wrapping allows you to get creative. You can create gift bags out of wrapping paper or include sparkling tissue paper. You can also add embellishments for a unique twist to your gift wrap. Consider beautiful stars, snowflakes, bells, and more intriguing shapes that connect to the wedding theme or the season. A personal touch will show how much time you’ve spent on your wedding gift wrapping.

Using a Luxury Wedding Gift Wrapping Service

While you can do it all yourself, there are certainly benefits to hiring someone to do the gift wrapping for weddings you’re invited to.

Wedding Gift Wrap
Luxury Wedding Gift Wrapping Service in London

The biggest benefit is time. If you want your gift wrapping to stand out and look professional, you will need to take your time to create it. You can spend hours picking the perfect colours, and adding specialist elements in and around the wrapping.

My Luxury wedding gift wrapping service can create a masterpiece for you. I know which colours work best for seasons and how to add that extra personal detail. My luxurious Crystal Gift Wraps ™ and Fresh Flower Gift Wraps™ will not only make your gift stands out from the rest at the wedding but will leave a lasting impression on the bride and groom. I can create bespoke designs to your requirements and also add crystal personalisation (e.g. name of bride and groom or initials).

If you would like to request my luxury gift wrapping service, please contact me using any of the contact details on my contact page. I am also available for a call out service where I wrap your gifts in the comfort of your home or office.

Email: clients@rebekahchol.com