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Star: World’s Most Expensive Gift Wrap

Luxury Gift Wrapping Service
Star: World’s Most Expensive Gift Wrap – Luxury Gift Wrapping Service

I am very passionate about creating beautiful things that make people happy which is why I created Star, World’s Most Expensive Gift Wrap.

How it all began

One day I was out  on a personal shopping trip with a friend buying expensive gifts for his family.

The plan was that I would take the gifts back to my workshop & gift wrap them; so we also decided to shop for gift wrapping paper.

While looking at the range of gift wrapping paper I thought about the expensive gifts we were buying.

That is when I thought, what if there was a gift wrap that is as luxurious as the gift?

Luxury Gift Wrapping Service
Luxury Gift Wrapping Service

After some research the importance of gift wrapping to people became clear. I then started the journey which brought me to offering my bespoke crystal gift wrapping™ service.

Star: World’s Most Expensive Gift Wrap

It was impossible to put into words what I was seeing in my head so I created “STAR”, my showpiece so that I could share my vision with my clients, friends and family.

My aim is to give your loved ones the most luxurious experience, by creating unique and bespoke designs created with the recipient’s personality in mind.

I would achieve this by using the finest materials I could find like Swarovski crystals, the finest silks, leathers, woodwork and paper.

The gift wrap is the first thing that a person sees when they receive a gift and it should look every bit as special as the gift inside. My designs are created in such a way that they can be used, saved and kept for years to come.

The most special gifts deserve the most luxurious gift wrap. Each gift wrap can take between two weeks to three months to complete.

I place each and every Swarovski crystal by hand. I take every care to ensure that I create something beautiful and unique for you.

(almost) Anyone can wrap a gift but what I am creating here is a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Contact me if you would like to find out more about my crystals gift wraps™ or if you would like to discuss creating your own bespoke gift wrap.

Email: clients@rebekahchol.com