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Venice Crystal Gift Wrap™

Venice Crystal Gift Wrap™ - Luxury Gift Wrapping Service
Venice Crystal Gift Wrap™ – Luxury Gift Wrapping Service

Venice crystal gift wrap was inspired by the colourful Carnival of Venice. Read more about how I created this gift wrap and what materials I used:

Venice crystal gift wrap™

To create this gift wrap, I used supple purple lambskin leather instead of gift wrapping paper.

For the design, I looked to the most symbolic and recognisable aspect of the carnival, the Venetian masquerade mask.

I used over five thousand Swarovski crystals to design the masks. I place each crystals by hand. It took about 7 hours to just create the masquerade mask.

To add another dimension to the gift wrap, I added a purple feather and an open rose corsage flower.

My luxury gift wrapping service in London

Venice Crystal Gift Wrap™ - Luxury Gift Wrapping Service
Venice Crystal Gift Wrap™ – Luxury Gift Wrapping Service

As part of my luxury gift wrapping service, I create bespoke luxurious crystal gift wraps ™ to customer specifications. A customer can choose the designs they want, the colours as well as the materials (e.g. leather, suede, kraft paper, Swarovski crystals, rhinestones).

The time it takes to create each gift wrap depends on the size and intricacy of the design.

Each design is unique to each customer and I never re-use or recreate the same design twice.

How my luxury gift wrapping service works

Because my crystal gift wraps™ are very detailed, they take a little longer to design and create, I usually ask my customers to send their gifts to my workshop based in Dulwich where I can make the wrap to the size of the gift.

I can also help with picking up the gifts or my customers usually order from various online stores (e.g. Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols) and have the items delivered directly to my workshop in Dulwich.

Although my luxury gift wrapping service is based in London, I take orders from all over the world and I can deliver gifts to over 50 countries worldwide via DHL.

Visit my services page to learn more about my luxury gift wrapping service.

Contact me to make a booking or to find out more about my luxury gift wrapping service.

Email: clients@rebekahchol.com